Buying Vehicles From Government Auctions

Every year, the government is required by law to get rid of items that it has in its inventory. These are used cars, trucks and vans that were owned by someone else.

This is under the United States General Services Administration Supply Service that has an agreement with various car manufacturers, which auction these off when the contract ends.

These vehicles are well maintained and have the usual amenities just like those sold in a dealer's lot.

People will be able to know what vehicles are up for grabs in the auction by visiting the official website. A list will appear showing those that are available and if the individual is really interested in getting a vehicle, it will state the engine displacement, model, year and make.

The nice thing about a government auction is that anyone can bid on a vehicle. The person should just be above the age of 18 and has a license. Those who work for the government or have relatives working in any department are not allowed to make a purchase.

Registering for a GSA auction is easy. All the individual has to do is show up to the sponsoring facility to sign up and get a number. This is the time to look around and check out the available vehicles.

Someone who is not there can even join the auction by having a representative bid on the vehicle. The person will just have to give the social security number or tax identification number as well as a letter allowing the one present to act as proxy.

Prospective buyers are not allowed to test drive the vehicle. The engine can be started to check the heater, air conditioning, radio and other accessories that come with it. It also comes with a maintenance record and a warranty so that the manufacturer can handle any problems that happen later on.

GSA auctions are not that different from those done by private groups. People make an offer and the one who makes the highest offer will win the vehicle. Payment will honor be accepted in cash, credit card or check.

The winner will also have to pay for sales tax before being allowed to drive it off the facility.

People who get a vehicle from a GSA auction will not have a problem with registration because a government certificate to obtain title otherwise known as a standard form 97 and a purchaser's receipt will be given.

This must be presented to the Department of Motor Vehicles of DMV so this can be transferred to the name of the new owner.

If the person is not able to buy anything in the auction, there will be another one in the future because GSA auctions happen during different times of the year. Registering is free in the facility or online to be informed of another scheduled auction in a week weeks or months.

A vehicle regardless if this is brand new or old is still a long-term investment. This is because the person will still have to pay for repairs, gas and maintenance to be able to keep it running at all times. Besides, people on the road will not care if this came from a dealer or a GSA auction.

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