China and Japan Agree on Economic Sanctions for North Korea

Both China and Japan have agreed that six party talks are not working with North Korea’s nuclear weapons manufacturing and it is now estimated that North Korea has enough enriched plutonium to make 5 nuclear bombs. Since North Korea claims to have detonated a large nuclear bomb in a test underground it has alarmed the nations of that region. There was a huge seismic event of 3.5 Magnitude on the Richter Scale in Northern North Korea.

Now China is upset because North Korea has defied their requests and tested a so-called nuclear weapon underground. Japan has already applied trade sanctions on North Korea and has no other options in that arena. The United States has some options such as a Naval Blockage, but that would only hurt the people of North Korea who live under that dictator.

China is all about business and trade and is not so particular with who it sells too; example being Iran, which sponsors international terrorism. Will China actually do sanctions on North Korea or does it just like talk tough? Will China flex its military muscle and take over North Korea, it could use some extra growing room. North Korea has significant assets and that is some nice real estate? No one is going to help North Korea and it would be a slam-dunk for China.

Either way a conflict may not be likely and sanctions will not work and if North Korea insists on manufacturing nuclear weapons and exporting them as an Industry then the whole world has a problem. It is well-known that Iran has already met with North Korea and it is quite possible that they could be North Korea’s first customer if North Korea has made nuclear weapons. Please consider all this in 2006.

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