Compliance Software - A Beneficial Business Technology

From meeting minutes to financial statements to collaborative projects, most companies generate hundreds and hundreds of business documents each year. Nearly 80% of all corporate documents generated within a company site unprotected on users desktops, as e-mail attachments, and on shared drives, many containing sensitive and confidential information.

Not only does this pose an obvious risk if virtually anyone can easily access such documents, but it can result in costly e-discovery processes when trying to track down certain documents and be hard to manage in terms of compliance guidelines. Roughly 25% of corporate documents are subject to government regulations, and while many companies have compliance regulations in place, only about one third of all employees regularly adhere to them.

The best solution to ensure compliance guidelines are met and important business documents are secure, is to utilize compliance software. Instead of trying to implement unfamiliar and time-consuming guidelines (which most employees would not follow anyways), a compliance software program that allows you to manage documents with applications you already use (such as Microsoft Office) would be far more effective and efficient. Such programs allow you to track documents across multiple desktops, users, and platforms (such as email attachments and shared drives). The software creates an invisible thread that allows you to track and manage each document from start to finish and all the versions in between.

Compliance software ensures that employees are adhering to compliance regulations while electronically following and tracking a document through multiple edits. Employee compliance to regulations also ensures important business documents are kept secure and not sitting unprotected on numerous desktops and in e-mail attachments.

If it has not been done already, consider having a compliance software program implemented; businesses that are legally required to adhere to compliance regulations will greatly benefit from this convenient and efficient technology.