Federal Grants For Small Business

Starting your own enterprise is everyone’s dream. The main restraint is, of course, the money. The Federal government provides assistance for entrepreneurs who want to excel by means of grants under different schemes. This is particularly done in the case of small businesses, as small businesses can effectively improve the status of the economy at the grassroots level. The task is only to identify the right grant. The United States is the only country that gives billions of dollars as Federal grants and low-interest loans to further strengthen its strong economic base and infrastructure.

Many state development agencies, non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions and local governments award the loans for small businesses. These grants can be used to start any type of business. Those who want to develop their small business enterprises can also apply for these grants. To be eligible for the grant you should be an US citizen at least 18 years old. The grants can be from the federal government, state government or from the agencies. These grants do not require collateral security, credit checks or any security deposits.

The first step to obtain the grant is to find out the sources from which you can obtain the grant. Locate them in your locality or your state. A listing of the agencies can be had from the federal and state governments. Then comes the grant scheme for which you are eligible.

Another source from which you can find information regarding the grants is the website grants.gov. This website provides a one-stop opportunity to apply for grants. According to the website there are over 1,000 grant programs offered by 26 Federal grant-making agencies. Applying grants online can reduce many tedious processes.

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