Free Tax Deduction Maximizer Turbo Charges Tax Deductions Online

Learn how to claim more Federal and State income tax deductions and credits.

Claiming more tax deductions is the key to paying less taxes and getting a larger tax refund. Unfortunately, too many people are not aware of the over 350 tax deductions and credits the Federal and State Governments allows us.

Most people just don't have the time to search the long list of overlooked tax deductions, but there is a new tool that will do that for you. The 2006 tax deduction maximizer searches for tax deductions and credits, then determines if you can claim them.

Here are a few tax deductions and credits you may be missing out on:

1. The Bush Federal Energy Tax Credit. If you've made energy saving home improvements to your home, then you may qualify for the new energy tax credits. From new insulation to new windows, doors, water heaters, electric heat pumps, solar equipment, circulating fans, air conditioners and more, you may take a credit of up to $500 on your 2006 Federal tax return.

2. A $1000 Child Tax Credit. The IRS recognizes that having and raising children can create an additional financial burden. You may qualify to get a tax credit of $1,000 per child. The amount of child tax credit you can claim is adjusted based on your income.

3. Child Care Tax Credit Or Dependent Care Credit. If you have children or a dependent that you pay someone else to care for while you look for work or while you work, you probably qualify for this tax relief. This child and dependent care tax credit may result in a bigger tax refund!

4. Earned Income Credit. If you were married and earned less than $37,263 ($35,263 for single or head of household) in 2006, you may qualify for this tax credit, or even a refund check.

You can use the Tax Deduction Maximizer at Turbo Tax Online to find and claim all the tax deductions and credits available to you. And when your done, you can use the Free Tax Estimator to estimate your tax tax refund amount. See how Turbotax Online can help you with your income tax return this year.