Government Auctions - A Good Source For Investers And Marketers Looking For Products To Sell

Court orders can lead to the forfeiture of assets, and police raids can acquire valuable property. Not by any means does the government want to store or pay to store this property. Instead, they hold government auctions that cheaply gets rid of the property, and turn a profit in doing so.

The different type of government auctions are:

1. Seized Property Auctions-

Seized property auctions are auctions that are held to sell off property that may have been confiscated from individuals that had purchased them from illegal activity, such as a drug dealer for instance.

2. Tax Seizures-

In tax seizures the IRS finds individuals that are not paying their taxes and their personal items such as cars, homes, jewelry and so on, are confiscated to sell and settle any outstanding tax liability.

3. Custom Seizures-

These seizures are acquired from companies who try and smuggle import items into the country without paying import fees, or from people who return from foreign vacations and those people fail to declare their merchandise properly.

4. GSA Auctions (Government Surplus Auctions)-

Now these are where the government auctions off property it does not need anymore. Basically anything it is in surplus of. Including, cars, computers, office equipment and so on.

All these auctions include a wide range of items of interest to both individual and business alike. They are also a good source for marketers looking for products to sell online. And are closely guarded resources only used by realtors and dealers and are not advertised to the general public, However there are online sources that cover all the types of Government auctions around, including surplus, seized, and unclaimed property auctions anywhere in the US. Government auctions also include a lot of newer properties, houses, cars, boats, jewelry, art, collectibles, coins, electronics, and may other types of property for a fraction of the actual price.

These traditional auctions are simple and easy. You can inspect photos and information early, and in most cases, they offer you a complimentary report before you start bidding. Also in some cases there are barely any attendees there because of the limited advertising of these auctions, and you can most likely purchase the property you want for the amount you want.

You can go to if you would like to find out more about where you can find these government auctions, or if you would like to watch a short video that aired on CNBC about government auctions.