Home Based Business Policy and Procedure Manual

Are you saying to yourself, "I am a one person operation. Why do I need a policy and procedure manual?"

Did you write a business plan? If you did, you stated the mission, goals, and objectives of your home based business. Your policies and procedures are part of the vision you have for your business.

When you establish a daily work schedule for your home business, write down the details of the tasks you perform and why you do it. This becomes the basis for your policy and procedure manual.

A policy is a rule that determines the course of action taken by a business. As you develop your home based business, you determine how your products will be delivered, how your customers will be treated, and so on. These are the policies for your home business.

A procedure is a step or series of steps taken to implement a policy by performing a specific task.

You should write policies and document procedures for:

  • The administrative tasks you perform in the daily operation of your business.
  • The record keeping tasks you perform in keeping your financial records.

As you document these tasks, also include the work you do on the computer.

You should use a consistent format when writing your policy and procedure manual. Policies and procedures should be written as clearly and concise as possible. Avoid the use of jargon. If you are a one person business, you may want to use a simple format:

Purpose. Explain the objective(s) of the policy and procedure.

Policy. State the objective or goal you are trying to achieve for your home based business.

Procedure.Document the steps needed to perform the task.

If you have employees, you may want to create additional sections in your format:

Definitions. Define the terms or acronyms used in your business.

Responsible Person. State the position of the person responsible for performing the specific task.

You should also include the date issued and the date the procedure is revised, if and when it changes. Each policy and procedure should be written on a separate page.

A policy and procedure manual is an effective means of communicating the objectives and vision of your home based business. It will serve as an aid for tasks that are occasionally performed. When new situations arise, you should add the new policy and/or procedures.

Your policy and procedure manual will be a valuable aid as your home based business grows.

Sandra is part-owner of a home based business. Before starting the business, she did a lot of research and created a 5-step method for starting the business. Sign up for an informative newsletter at http://www.home-based-business-specialist.com or visit her blog at http://blog.home-based-business-specialist.com

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