How To Get A Government Contract (Part 02)

As mentioned in part 01 of this mini series, one of the problems associated with government contracting is the mind-bending quantity of information that has to be sorted through to begin to understand how the federal government initiates contracts for bid by the private sector. The questions are 1) where does the acquisition process begin and 2) how can you keep track of activity in the contracting industry and 3) how do you get involved? The answers are The GSA, the GSA and the GSA. What is the GSA? The GSA stands for Government Services Administration and this agency is the central point for all federal level government contracting. The GSA is a clearing house of sorts that receives requests from and oversees the purchasing activity of contracts in excess of $25,000.00 to ensure the government is getting the best possible pricing and performance from vendors.

If you are one of the few people who read this article here is a major key to understanding the federal government contract procurement system: Go to the government links section of our website and click on the link to the GSA website. On the GSA home page you will see an area called: For CONTRACTORS AND VENDORS. Within this area click on the link titled GETTING ON SCHEDULE. Read that brief section and make sure you click on CENTER FOR ACQUISITION EXCELLENCE, which is a free online training course provided by the fed to walk you through the entire contracting process in a step, by step manner. There is no easier way to get oriented to government contracting then what the GSA online campus provides. It is a very intuitive campus-like setting that allows you to select short courses that not only give you the information you are looking for but also award continuing education credits. When you complete a course the GSA awards you a certificate of completion suitable for framing. This is the place to start, period (.) Any other step would be a waste of your time.

Once you have completed this course, you will more fully appreciate our government link section. Our site is set up like a dash board with every link you need to access the fed and state governments through direct access to the key websites or through portals that give you access to the data you need. This is a critical resource for any small business and especially if you are looking to get help for contracting or grants.

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