How to Win Federal Contracts by Selling to SmartPay Cardholders

Do you sell products or services that are priced under $25,000? Selling to Federal Government credit cardholders (SMARTPAY) is a “hidden secret”.

Federal contracting opportunities under $25,000 are not advertised. Contracts under $25,000 present special opportunities for small businesses. To PLAY in this federal credit card game businesses MUST have a merchant account. Federal agencies save money when they make small purchases using credit cards. Federal end-users with purchasing power generally purchase products and services from small businesses in there local market. Selling to credit cardholders is one of the quickest ways to accelerate your success to winning a federal contract.

Independent professionals and small businesses who build solid relationships , market products and services as a customized solution and “keep in touch” throughout the fiscal year can consistently win federal contracts.

Federal contracts (Micro-purchases) $2,500 or less federal buyers may purchase from any small business without comparison shopping.

Small purchases ($2,500 to $25,000)are subject to more formal contracting requirements wherein the federal buyers must obtain three informal quotes by phone, fax, email or mail.

Here are 4 principle reasons this “hidden” market is ideal for small businesses:

*Relationship driven contracts

* Prompt payment

* Potential for multiple contracts throughout the fiscal year

* Less competition – not publicly advertised

The Federal credit cardholder single purchase limit varies. Here are a few examples of single purchase limits:

*$2,500 *$10,000

*$25,000 *$100,000 (note: this figure is not a typo)

How do you find Federal credit cardholders(SMARTPAY) ? Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Small businesses can make a formal written request to obtain a list of federal credit cardholders by contacting the Principal FOIA Officer at each federal agency you want to market your products and services to.

If you are willing to do some homework and be different from the competition there are countless federal opportunities worth pursuing in the “hidden” federal credit card micro and small purchase market.

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