Learn Why A Retired Police Car Is A Best Buy, Even From A GSA Auction

In this article I am going to discuss police car auctions and gsa auctions. GSA is an abbreviated term for general service administration or better known as U.S. government auctions.

But lets start with a subject I enjoy. I love to buy and drive old police cars (like the blues brothers). Why do I like police cars?

Well I have worked on many in my day and currently I am working on sheriff department and county vehicles. A police car is built with heavy-duty parts.

This is what I love about police car auctions. You get well-maintained vehicles with heavy-duty parts.

First what parts are heavy duty. Well this varies from each manufacture. But in most cases we are talking about heavy-duty belts, hoses, beefed up suspensions with heavy-duty power train components and heavy sway bars, links, shocks and commercial grade floor mats instead of carpeting.

The vehicle is constructed for pedal to the metal performance and handling. My favorite police car of all time is the 96 Chevrolet caprice.

In my professional opinion this was the cream of the crop in heavy-duty police car manufacturing. The 1996 Chevrolet caprice police interceptor was built with the corvette LT1 engine with a 4 bolt main block and all the heavy-duty hoses and accessories that General Motors could find.

This police interceptor had 16-inch tires and General Motors 3.73 or even 4.11 positraction rear differential. The engine included gmís most powerful high-energy ignition system and dual exhaust to help let the LT1 350 V8 breath.

The electrical system was also upgraded with a high out put alternator, Gear reduction high torque starter and extra capacity dual batteries to help handle all the electronics you would find on a police car.

The package was very well balanced. It was fast and handled great. I have driven these cars many times and lets just say I would smile the whole time.

I worked for a Chevrolet dealership in 1996 and performed warranty repairs on these vehicles. I had a police officer tell me a great story.

His department had half crown vics and half caprices. When they would patrol on I 295 in New Jersey they would sometimes get into high-speed pursuit situations.

He described in great detail how he would blow by the crown vics that had wide open throttle with his caprice not even at 75% throttle.

The officers in this department would fight over the caprices and the loser's got the Fords.The caprice I speak of can still be found at some gsa auctions and other police car auctions.

The Chevrolet police car reached its peak in 1996. Then Chevrolet got out of the police car game for a couple of years because they killed the full frame Chevy caprice all together.

This left General Motors with no police car platform. Ford dominated the market for many years. General motors has since got back in the game with its lame 6cyl Chevy impala. Now itís the Fords that blow by the Chevyís

Also Doge has come back into the police car competition with its hemi powered rear wheel drive dodge charger police interceptor. And Chevrolet has added a super charger to its underpowered entry. So we will have to see who winds up on top of the competition in the near future.

Gsa handles federal acquisition and procurement for equipment and supplies to various government agencies. Meaning they buy and sell the equipment that all levels of government use in the name of public service.

Mark R Gittelman is an ASE Certified Master Mechanic With more than 22 years experience in the automotive business. For more free information visit his Automotive web site. Or if you would like more information on police cars read the latest article at New police interceptor SUV.

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