Marriage Contracts

A marriage contract, like every contract, is a legal and obligatory contract that is made between two individuals who tie the knot in matrimony. Most couples often do not share an identical set of expectations from marriage. A person may not even be aware of the other's hope and expectations. Clearly, no one can meet an expectation that he or she isn't aware of. A marriage contract can be between two people who are already married, or two people who are planning to marry. A marriage contract identifies the two individuals in the matrimony and usually makes a general declaration about the purpose of the agreement. Then it lists out a series of promises that the couple makes to each other. Such legal marriage contracts have, in most cases, proven to be a good way to keep couples satisfied during the marriage and in case of divorce.

Legal marriage contracts require the signatures of both individuals, as well as the minimum of one witness. The covenant will commence on the day the couple gets married, if they make a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage, but it will commence right away if signed after the marriage ceremony. Characteristically, a contract spells out clearly who will be accountable for administrating and owning family assets or other property while the marriage is binding, and it sorts out each partner's rights and responsibilities if and when the marriage should come to an end.

Some couples take the contract a step further and incorporate clauses that deal with every aspect of married life like who takes out the garbage, how many times a week they should have sex, who will take care of the kids and who will do the dishes, etc.

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