MLM Funded Proposal

Have you ever thought of setting up your own funded proposal to fuel your MLM?

In other words, once you have set up your system in place, you would essentially let your prospects pay for your expenses.

Isnít that nice?

Is that possible?

Before I address this, letís take a quick look at ĎFunded Proposalí that solves the two major challenges faced by most network marketers:

1) Not enough money (to go on with the MLM business and has to terminate their business prematurely)

2) Not enough prospects (to share the MLM business opportunity with as they use up their warm market very quickly)

ĎFunded Proposalí is a CONCEPT based on charging your prospects a low-priced front end product or service. In the case of the health or beauty industry, this could be a product sample.

After trying out, some will join your MLM business.

However, even though they donít, you would already have earned some pocket money to sustain your business.

Thus, instead of looking for people to join your MLM opportunity immediately, you look for prospects to try your product (now you have enough prospects) which is a lot easier,at a low price (now you have money) instead.

Isnít that brilliant?

Cheers to those who dreamed of this approach!

Following this ĎFunded Proposalí approach, here is a suggestion that you can use to create your FUNDED PROPOSAL in two steps:

Step 1 - Look for prospects who want to make money online - not to join your MLM business yet - and offer them some coaching to help them make money online, such as how to set up a blog with affiliate links and banners. Do not charge them a high price but just a small fee.

Think about it. . .

You would already be in profit whether or not these prospects join your MLM opportunity.

** This will solve your MONEY challenge

Step 2 - Some time later, when your prospects become confident with computers and the Internet, thatís the time you can offer them to join your MLM business opportunity so that they have a multi-tier affiliate program to promote.

Of course, some of them will join you.

** This will solve your PROSPECTS challenge

If the above sounds like something you can work with, go ahead, do something with it today!

So, simply take ACTION now and let your prospects pay for your expenses!

Roger Loh is an Internet MLM Expert "Learn his secret of how he went from an unknown Singaporean to become the Success University DIRECTOR in 17 days and rake in tons of cash in just his 1st month"


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