Operation Eradicate in 2008 - Sanctions on Iran Not Working - Nuclear Weapons They Keep Making

"Operation Eradicate" may take place in 2008. As the founder of the Online Think Tank, one job we work very hard on is to consider "all options" and scenarios in the endeavors we choose to discuss and think on. Sometimes there are no good solutions, but there are best possible solutions considering the severity of the situation.

Recently, we went to work on a plan to remove the Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing efforts of Iran, because we find that sanctions are not working, the UN is not interested in doing what must be done and Nuclear Weapons in the hands of international terrorists, is not acceptable. Well, at least in my opinion. How serious is this issue and challenge for World Peace you ask?

Perhaps you might like some insight. First, Iran has been supplying weapons to insurgents in Iraq, these weapons have killed US Troops. Iran has infiltrated the Iraqi Government with spies. Iran has small-ICBM rockets capable of a 1250-mile range. Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas, both International Terrorist Organizations, to the tune of 100 million dollars per year each. Iran has threatened to "blow Israel off the map!"

Iran has declared it has signed up 300,000 suicide bombers as part of its Army. When Iran gets nuclear weapons, it will most likely put them into the hands of International Terrorist Organizations to serve it's will through proxy. Iran cannot be allowed to therefore have nuclear weapons and we have determined that it must be stopped from doing so. We believe 23,000 sorties in 72-hours to remove all potential targets is needed.

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