Real Estate Contracts

A real estate contract is for the purchase or sale, exchange, or other trade of real estate between two or more individuals or parties. Real estate, also called leasehold estate, is essentially a rental of real property, and rental contracts cover rentals, since they normally do not result in recordable deeds. Freehold trade of real estate that are generally more permanent, are dealt with by real estate contracts, and they include dealings in the title fees, life estates, remainder estates and freehold property. Real estate contracts are usually bilateral contracts, where terms are agreed upon mutually by both parties and should have the legal prerequisites specified by the contract law in writing.

Any real estate contract must have certain details well written to avoid further misconception and misunderstanding. These details include a proper identification of both parties between whom the exchange of real estate property will take place. A clear description of the both parties is required as well, as their intentions for the deal. A clear description of the real estate property must be made in the contract, including the address of the estate and other details as agreed upon by both parties. The price that the estate is being sold to the buyer and the terms of payment must also be clearly quoted to avoid misinterpretations. The signatures of both parties are mandatory on the contract, but it must be noted that this is voluntary, and no one can be forced to sign a contract.

There has to be a mutual agreement on all terms of the contract by both parties in the contract, which is monitored by the lawyer under whose supervision the contract is made.

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