Sales Training Tips for Car Washes

In a car wash business there are two very important things you need to do to make sure you train your salespeople. First you must understand there are generally two or three points at which you have the opportunity to sell a customer services at your car wash. For instance the cashier and the greeter.

However, you must also understand that another good place to sell would be an outside sales force which will go to various delivery companies and small businesses around town or perhaps even the United States Post Office or city yard. Perhaps you have a GSA office in your city, which is in charge of pool cars. Limousine companies and a taxicab companies also make great customers as well as police departments.

If you wish to get these companies accounts then you need to train salespeople who will also have the power to do negotiations during the sales interview. You need to train them not to give away the services, but also when to match price from another competitor. Perhaps a mobile on-site fleet washing service is currently doing the vehicles but if you sell them car wash tickets in advance at a lower price you might find them willing to switch to your company.

All car wash companies should consider outside sales as well as on-site sales to increase the volume of the number of cars they wash at their car wash. It will take proper training and understanding of each type of customer both commercial and personal. I sincerely hope you will consider all of this in 2006.

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