Summit Meeting on Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program Needed

The Iranian President refuses to come to terms with the international communityís terms. United Nations and the IAEA need to help Iran in compliance. If Iran continues to make nuclear weapons action will have to be taken. What does action mean? Well, it could be sanctions on trade or economic sanctions however that seems unlikely because this problem has gone on too far already.

Additionally, Iran keeps stating that it has no intention on curtailing its efforts to develop nuclear weapons. Meanwhile the Iranian leadership actively and openly sponsors international terrorist groups who are known to strike civilian populations. The risk of having Iran give the nuclear weapons to international terrorist groups is just too great.

The summit meeting on uranium nuclear weapons program is needed with the leadership of China, Russia, the Arab leadership and the United States of America. Additionally, emergency meetings are necessary with; the United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain and other key allies. The Iranian nuclear weapons showdown cannot go along any longer.

We're dealing with a very serious issue and we need to stop before progression of Iranís march towards war. If we fail to seize this opportunity now before it gets out of hand the world may pay a very high price within the few years. That risk is too great and we cannot this to continue. Think of this in 2006.

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