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Your Guide to Cisco Certification Success

Network security is one of the most crucial parts of being an Information Technology expert. The network administrator should be capable of implementing and maintaining security solutions in a networking system. A network security professional is one who develops business solutions, and one who monitors, designs and implements network security from all levels. Among the wide array world-recognized technical certifications issued by Cisco Systems, Incorporated is the professional and expert level of security certification. First, there is Cisco Certified Security Professional or the CCSP. A CCSP certified individual has an advanced knowledge when it comes to the technology implemented and the Cisco products used to provide security solutions on networks from all levels.

To be a Cisco Certified Security Professional, an IT professional should first pass either the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), or the Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP) certification examination. Next, there is the highest level of security certifications issued by Cisco which is the expert level. This is called the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. For this expert level of certification issued by Cisco, an IT professional can take an examination for different fields of specialization such as routing and switching, security, service provider, voice technology and storage networking.

"The Cisco Security Examination"

To obtain a CCSP or a CCIE Security certification, an IT professional needs to undergo a written and a laboratory examination. The Security written exam is made up of multiple choice questions about security protocols, application protocols, general networking, security technologies, Cisco security applications, network security in general and general Cisco security information.

To have a CCSP certification, a candidate must pass a two-hour qualifying examination. The aforementioned topics are covered, which will mainly include networking concepts as well as equipment commands. Once the candidate passes the written Cisco Security exam, that is when the candidate will be eligible to take the lab exam. After the candidate has passed the two hour written qualifying exam, the next step is to undergo the CCIE security laboratory examination. The exam has an eight-hour duration and the main purpose is to test the candidate’s ability to get a secure network running at a particular time.

Prior to taking the Cisco security examination, either for the professional or the expert level, a candidate should undergo several security trainings. This includes the Cisco security training as well as the Cisco Secure SAFE Implementation. The Cisco Secure SAFE Implementation is laboratory intensive, which will help a candidate successfully pass the laboratory part of the Cisco Security examination. Be it an examination for the professional or expert level of the Cisco Security certification examination, a candidate needs enough preparation to pass the written and laboratory tests. This way, the IT professional will have sufficient knowledge about the specific Cisco security protocols and components, to protect the entire network.

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