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How to Improve Your Federal Credit Report

Your federal credit report can be a thorn in your side or a useful tool to getting better deals on finance. By keeping your credit report in good shape, you can make things a lot easier on yourself.

So how exactly should you go about improving your credit report? There are a few things that you can do.

Get an Up-to-date Report - first thing you will need is an accurate federal credit report that is up-to-date. That way you will have accurate information on which to base your actions pertaining to improving your credit score. You are legally entitled to one free credit report per year from the three main consumer reporting agencies.

Identify Problem Items - your credit report will give you a list of items that affect your credit score. You need to identify inaccurate or misleading items from the list. Be sure to list every item that is even slightly misleading as they can have a large overall impact on your credit score.

Write to the Consumer Credit Companies - the next step is to outline in a letter the inaccuracies and misleading items in your credit report to the relevant consumer reporting company. Outline the reasons for each dispute and accompany it with documentary evidence if you have it available (use copies rather than originals).

The consumer credit companies are legally obliged to investigate your claims and make alterations to your federal credit report for any items that are successfully disputed.

You may wish to consider hiring a credit reporting company for all of this as a good credit reporting company will know exactly which items can be disputed and advise you on ways to increase your chances of a successful outcome in improving your credit report. They can often handle the entire process of correspondence too, making it far more convenient and hopefully improving your credit in the long run!

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