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Stimulus Tolerance

In our highly diversified society you are often asked, even forced, to adjust to some new outlandish stimuli. The world of advertising alone bombards our eyes and ears with new tests of our endurance and tolerance nearly everyday. Take this quiz of your tolerance for diverse stimuli by answering TRUE or FALSE to the following :

1. I find that hot weather affects me more strongly than most people. ______

2. I dislike cold weather. ______

3. I like to keep the temperature of my home within fairly narrow limits. _____

4. What the weather is like has little effect on my mood or behavior. _____

5. Even moderately loud sounds tend to hurt my ears. _______

6. I actually like to wear bright colors in my clothes much of the time. ____

7. I'm a "chicken" when it comes to pain of any kind. ______

8. Food has to look attractive for me to eat it. _______

9. Most TV advertisements offend my ears. _________

10. I like all kinds of variety and new experiences. _______

Answer key:

First let's score your answers by labeling you Stimulus Tolerant if you answered false to items #1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 and true to #s 4, 5, and 10. The more of your answers agree with our key the more flexible you appear to be in response to varied stimuli. What does this stimulus tolerance or lack of tolerance mean?

Individuals differ markedly in stimulus sensitivity simply on the basis of the particular physiology they have inherited. Persons develop tolerances for extremes of stimuli with experiences and exposure too. Husbands and wives often get into big arguments on where the thermostat should be set. It should help you to appreciate traits (and they differ from one sense organ to the next).

But even more surprising perhaps is that stimulus tolerance often gets tied up with flexibility in their personality and attitude dimensions. For example, many persons who have very narrow ranges of stimulus tolerances also have serious limits on interpersonal tolerances and flexibility. It is of course hazardous to assume that persons lacking in stimulus tolerance (e.g., score low on the above set), are also intolerant in human affairs. Try to be very flexible on that.

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