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Renting a Home Privately During the Vancouver 2010 Games

The 2010 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Vancouver are poised to provide significant economic benefits for the host region. Many of these benefits will relate to the construction of the required infrastructure. During the period of the games themselves (February 12 to 28, 2010), significant benefits will flow from the large number of tourists visiting the Vancouver region.

Although the Vancouver region offers a fine selection of local hotels, many out-of-town guests will want to rent a home or condo privately. For some groups (e.g., large parties of 10 people or more), private home rentals may represent the only viable option.

When searching to rent a home privately, some guests may not be aware that the venues for the Vancouver 2010 games stretch about 120 kilometres, covering Richmond (south of Vancouver), and Whistler (about at two-hour drive north of Vancouver). Those who plan mainly to watch speed skating (hosted at the Richmond Oval) would be well-advised to seek housing in Vancouver or Richmond (and perhaps not Whistler!)

In addition to choosing a location wisely, guests and prospective landlords should clarify the specific terms of the rental agreement well before the Games:

  • What will be the amount of rent, and form of acceptable payment?
  • When will the unit be available for occupation?
  • Are there restrictions on the number of guests allowed?
  • What amenities are close by (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.)?
  • Is a damage deposit required?
  • Are pets allowed?

How does one find a suitable rental for the 2010 Games?

A list of Competition Venues is available on the Vancouver 2010 Official Website

The author, Mark Szekely is a local resident of the Vancouver area, and serves as webmaster for Rent 2010.

Rent 2010 lists Vancouver-area condos, apartments, and houses available for rent. The site also maintains a list of visitors seeking housing during their visits in 2010, and (best of all) is free of charge.