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US Navy Hurricane Chasers

During hurricane season we sure here a lot about the United States Air Force's Hurricane Hunters, which go out and measure the force of the winds and the pressure within the eye-wall of the Hurricane. This tells off its strength. It must be pretty ballsy to go out and fly through a hurricane but that is exactly what the hurricane hunters do.

Having hurricane hunters makes sense indeed, but why not have the United States Navy also joined in the fun and call them the hurricane chasers. The hurricane chasers would be a small battle group including an aircraft carrier, which would come in behind hurricane and then be near shore or after hurricane passed over.

This means while all the roads and power is out the United States Navy could launch the immediate rescue efforts. Therefore assisting FEMA with command and control assets launched from offshore. If we're going to fight a war; let's have a war on hurricanes.

By coming in behind the Hurricane the US Navy can be in literally as the last Tropical Storm Force winds move onshore and this means quicker rescue and potentially saving many lives. The US Navy can be first on the scene and set up the rescue efforts with a safe platform and command center on the sea. It is a smart idea and I want to see a team of Hurricane Chasers put under the command of my United States Navy. Consider this in 2006.

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