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Marathon Training Schedule That Will Make Anyone Jealous

It's really hard to determine a good marathon training schedule, let alone sticking with it. The terrible temptations are strong, and they are many. It's way too tempting to eat that whole chocolate in one sitting. (I know.) It's much too tempting to lay around in bed all day on Saturday, never once getting up unless you have to go to the bathroom. (I know.)

Since I am now the voice of experience, I can give you some tips on what you SHOULDN'T do so that you'll successfully stick with your schedule. It's very important to remember a few things after you've determined your marathon training schedule.

- Running your butt off for a few minutes will not substitute jogging for 30 minutes. You have to do all the jogging you've got planned on your schedule.

- If you simply can't get motivated to do that running you planned do over the weekends for three months, get your loving family members to help out and try what I did: My husband drove the car a few feet in front of me and held a candy bar out the window.

- When you break in your jogging shoes for the marathon, that means putting them on and running with them. Please put away the meat mallet now.

- Don't choose Jack Daniels or Captain Morgan as a 'running partner'-- get a real human.

- Sticking to your marathon training schedule does not involve taping the paper to your rear end.

- When you're jogging back home and have three miles to go, don't resort to hitchhiking.

- Taking naps in ditches off the side of the road isn't just a bad idea, and it's really unsanitary.

You can find the motivation for sticking to your running training schedule if you imagine the faces of the other competitors when you cross the finish line first. Then imagine all the weeping, roaring, and howling as you smile modestly and think to yourself, "No autographs, please, just look and admire the champion!

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