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Review - H. Morgenthau Revised by K. Thompson, The Future of Diplomacy

Morgenthau purports that “a diplomacy that ends in war has failed its primary objective, which is the promotion of national interest by peaceful means.” I agree with this to the extent that the primary mission of diplomacy is peace. However, in some cases, war or the threat of war is just another form of diplomacy.

Morgenthau also suggests that “there can be no permanent peace without a world state.” I believe that even in a ‘world state’ there will never be peace. In a world of compromise and peaceful diplomatic relations, there will always be those that feel that they have been shortchanged and take actions to get their indemnities. War and diplomacy are both means of pursuing the same political objective.

Since war or the threat of war is just another form of diplomacy it should only be used when all other efforts have failed. Diplomatic power is just as real as economic power. We will shortchange our ability to effect our national interests if we do not take advantage of this avenue. It is useful to note the differences between a realist use of diplomacy and a liberalist, the liberalist will use diplomacy to entangle the countries in long-term relationships while the realist is more issue oriented.

Lieutenant Ken Rice is an Active Duty Naval Officer stationed in Norfolk VA. He is currently assigned to Commander, Naval Surface Force's Warfare Requirments Directorate as the FORCEnet Requirements Officer. Lieutenant Rice is responsible for the program analasys and budget oversight for Information Technology Transformation for the Surface Fleet. He is currently enrolled at Regent University working towards a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.