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Service Contracts: The Best Business Model For Consulting

Service contracts are key for the busy computer consultant. They will help you to manage your time when you have many clients all needing service at once. By setting up computer service contracts you will be able to maximize your utilization rate while still having enough time to deal with client emergencies when they crop up.

When you have a bunch of clients who all have an emergency of some sort you can't be everywhere at once. To deal with this you need to narrow down the list of who you are obligated to respond to emergencies for. You do this by creating computer service contracts.

A service contract business model is so important because what you are doing is forcing the people you service to make a decision. Are you in or are you out? Your service contract model weeds out those who are just testing the waters. Without a computer service contract it is you who decides if you can handle their emergency or not.

By using computer service contracts you can manage everyone's expectations effectively. Those who have a service contract know they are top priority. Those who don't, know that you have clients with service contracts and that they are the ones who are dealt with first.

The Bottom Line on Service Contracts

Service contracts keep expectations in a nice neat package. You don't have to stress about trying to be everything to everyone. You can concentrate on providing top quality service to those clients you have a service contract with. The rest will simply have to wait in line.

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