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Develop A Schedule Before Turning Your Dissertation Into A Book

Before starting any book project it is important to devise a schedule. This applies more so to turning your dissertation into a book. A schedule will give you a clear picture of the work that is before you.

Devise a workable schedule for this project. Allocate enough time to complete each section of your book. Take into account all of your other responsibilities and plan accordingly.

How many months will it take you to do the necessary research for the additional chapters you have added to your book manuscript? Will you do all the research yourself? Or will you have a graduate assistant or other student assistant to work with you? Will you do all the research yourself? Schedule adequate research time for this project.

Be sure to schedule writing time for each section. How long will it take you to write your introduction? Give yourself more time than a day. Plan a minimum of a month. This includes rewriting time. And more rewriting time. The introduction is very important because it leads into the central idea of your book.

How long will it take you to write each chapter? Schedule at least a month for each because these chapters will require rewriting. Do not shortchange your chapters. You are writing for a larger audience than your dissertation committee. Make your chapters lively and to the point.

Your conclusion deserves as much time in the schedule as your introduction. Your conclusion will wrap up all that has gone before without repeating it. Therefore, it should be rewritten until you come up with the best conclusion possible.

A schedule will keep make your work on your book project manageable. It will also keep you on track.

Margaree King Mitchell is the co-owner of MKM Book Services, a book-consulting firm. Converting dissertations to book manuscripts is one of the services offered. Her website is