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Contract Rates: Do You Charge Enough?

I read with interest this morning the plight of one of our corporate flight attendant forum members, GalleyKat and her discussion about contract rates. It seems that she hasnít been charging extra for international work, something that several respondents have urged her to do.

Of particular note were the comments by Betty Boop concerning base rates. As BB noted, GKís base rate is on the low side, even below the rate of newbies in this business.

One thing I have tracked over the years in an informal way are business aviation salaries. Having worked with corporate flight attendants for nearly 15 years I can tell you that salaries are, indeed, all over the place. Still, if you are not asking enough for yourself for contract work, you could be losing out.

Figure that every time you fly for $50 less, that is $750 per month or $9000 per year fewer bucks for you, if you average 15 flight days per month. I donít know about you, but maybe it is time for you to give yourself a raise.

Could it be time for you to reexamine your rates? No matter what industry you are involved in, a periodic adjustment of rates can spell the difference for you.

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